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Performance Graded Asphalt

Performance Graded Asphalt binders are specified by the Superpave (Superior Performing Asphalt Pavements) System.

A unique feature of the Superpave System is that the specifications are performance based. Performance Graded Asphalt binders are selected to meet expected high and low temperature extremes with a certain level of reliability.

An example of a PG Asphalt Binder is PG 64-28. The first two numbers (64) indicate that the binder meets high temperature physical properties up to 64 degrees Celsius. The last two numbers (-28) indicate the binder meets low temperature physical properties down to -28 degrees Celsius.

Following are some of the PG Asphalt Binders Jebro has supplied, along with grades which we expect to use in the Jebro marketing area.

  • PG 58-28
  • PG 58-34
  • PG 64-22
  • PG 64-28
  • PG 64-34
  • PG 70-28
  • PG 52-34
  • PG 70-22
  • PG 70-34
  • PG 76-22
  • PG 76-28
  • PG 58S-28
  • PG 58H-28
  • PG 58V-28
  • PG 58E-28
  • PG 58S-34
  • PG 58H-34
  • PG 58V-34
  • PG 58E-34
Jebro has extensive experience with PG classified asphalt binders. If you have any questions on the products listed here or would like additional information on a product not listed, please contact us at (800) 831-8037.