We are Jebro, your one-stop shop for used oil collection and recycling in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado.

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Jebro is your one-stop-shop for used oil collection and recycling in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado.

Our #1 mission is to help our customers build a cleaner future one gallon at a time. We work with you to safely collect and recycle many kinds of used oil products.

No job is too big or too small, and every job is handled in an environmentally friendly manner. From Sioux City to Cheyenne, and Des Moines to Lincoln, Jebro has got you covered!


Used Oil

Used Oil Recycling

Each year, Jebro collects millions of gallons of used oil with vacuum collection trucks, tankers, and railcars.

Used Oil Recycling
Oil Filters

Oil Filter Recycling

As part of a continuing effort to protect the environment and provide our customers with the finest service, Jebro offers oil filter collection services.

Used Filter Recycling

Antifreeze Recycling

Jebro collects antifreeze in nearly any amount.

Antifreeze Recycling
Diesel Fuel

Diesel Fuel Recycling

Jebro is leading the way in spent diesel fuel recycling.

Diesel Fuel Recycling
Heavy Fuels

Heavy Fuels Recycling

Need to empty your Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) storage tank for a tank inspection or decommissioning? Jebro can help.

Heavy Fuels Recycling