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Emulsified Asphalt

Emulsified Asphalt (also simply called emulsion) is a mixture of asphalt cement, water and an emulsifying agent. Emulsion is made by combining these materials and passing them through a mill.

Emulsions are liquid at ambient temperatures. They can be applied at cooler temperatures than asphalt cements and cutback asphalts.

There are two major categories of emulsion: cationic and anionic. Anionic emulsions have negatively charged asphalt droplets and cationic emulsions have positively charged asphalt droplets.

  • Anionic
  • AE-150S
  • AE-200S
  • HFE-150
  • HFE-300
  • HFE-1000
  • HFMS-2P
  • HFMS-2


  • CRS-2
  • CSS-1
  • CSS-1H
  • CRS-2P
  • CRS-2L

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