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Cutback Asphalt

Cutback Asphalt is manufactured by blending asphalt cement with a petroleum solvent. There are three major types of Cutback Asphalt based on the relative rate of evaporation of the solvent: Rapid-Curing (RC), Medium-Curing (MC) and Slow-Curing (SC).

Rapid-Curing Cutback Asphalt is used primarily for surface treatments and tack coat. Polymer Modified Rapid-Curing Cutback Asphalt is used only for surface treatments. Common grades of Rapid-Curing and Polymer Modified Rapid-Curing Cutbacks supplied by Jebro are:

  • RC 800
  • RC 3000
  • RC 800R
  • RC 3000R

Medium-Curing Cutback Asphalt is typically used for prime coat, surface treatments and stockpile patching mixes. Medium-Curing and Polymer Modified Medium-Curing Cutbacks that we typically supply are:

  • MC 70
  • MC 800
  • MC 3000
  • MC 800R
  • MC 3000R

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