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Environmental Benefits

Did you know that as a generator of used oil products, you are responsible for their disposal?

Jebro can take over that responsibility for you. We recycle used oil products properly, with all documentation required for validation. We are inspected regularly by the Environmental Protection Agency, and are a preferred recycler of used oil products.

Jebro gives you peace of mind that your used oil products are being recycled the right way, and that you are doing your part to protect our environment. When you select Jebro, you help keep our rivers, streams and lakes clean, and make the world a better place for generations to come.

Our dedicated staff

We employ qualified and knowledgeable personnel trained in the collection of used oil products. To ensure proper compliance with state and federal standards, all used oil products are analyzed for the presence of water, contaminants or other hazardous waste. Upon acceptance, the used product is safely collected and transferred to Jebro facilities for storage and recycling.

Our staff maintains all required EPA tracking documentation for every gallon of used oil recovered. Our equipment and facilities undergo routine compliance inspections conducted by federal and state environmental safety agencies, major oil companies and regional power distribution companies. These regular inspections ensure Jebro's consistent compliance with all phases of Federal Used Oil Management Standards. Our customers can be assured of safe, environmentally friendly uses of their used oil.

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